Class Fixnum
In: lib/amazon.rb
Parent: Object



Public Instance methods

AWS is often unreliable, so this method provides an easy way of calling a block of code multiple times and ignoring exceptions of the classes named in exception_list. exception_list may be a single Exception object or an Array of Exception objects.

Any such exceptions raised during the first n - 1 iterations are ignored and a period of delay seconds is inserted before each retry. If the block still yields a listed exception on the _n_th pass, that exception will be raised. The default exception class of StandardError will catch this class and all of its subclasses, which includes all exception classes that Ruby/Amazon defines.

For example, the following code makes 3 attempts to retrieve all pages for a given wishlist:

 require 'amazon/search'
 include Amazon::Search

 req ='D23XFCO2UKJY82')

 resp = 3.attempts do |x|
   puts "Attempt #{x}..."
   req.wishlist_search('RMPWOC6X3DLC', LITE, ALL_PAGES)

 puts resp.products