Class Amazon::AWS::BrowseNodeLookup
In: lib/amazon/aws.rb
Parent: Operation

Amazon use browse nodes as a means of organising the millions of items in their inventory. An example might be *Carving Knives*. Looking up a browse node enables you to determine that group‘s ancestors and descendants.



Public Class methods

Look up and return the details of an Amazon browse node. node is the browse node to look up and parameters is an optional hash of parameters that further refine the scope of the search. parameters is currently unused.


 bnl = '11232', {} )

In the above example, we look up the browse node with the ID 11232. This is the Social Sciences browse node.


# File lib/amazon/aws.rb, line 1177
      def initialize(node, parameters={})
        super( { 'BrowseNodeId' => node }.merge( parameters ) )