Class Amazon::AWS::Help
In: lib/amazon/aws.rb
Parent: Operation

This class of operation aids in finding out about AWS operations and response groups.



Public Class methods

Return information on AWS operations and response groups.

For operations, required and optional parameters are returned, along with information about which response groups the operation can use.

For response groups, The list of operations that can use that group is returned, as well as the list of response tags returned by the group.

help_type is the type of object for which help is being sought, such as Operation or ResponseGroup. about is the name of the operation or response group you need help with, and parameters is an optional hash of parameters that further refine the request for help.


# File lib/amazon/aws.rb, line 858
      def initialize(help_type, about, parameters={})
        super( { 'HelpType' => help_type,
                 'About'    => about
               }.merge( parameters ) )