Class Amazon::AWS::ResponseGroup
In: lib/amazon/aws.rb
Parent: Object

Response groups determine which data pertaining to the item(s) being sought is returned. They strongly influence the amount of data returned, so you should always use the smallest response group(s) containing the data of interest to you, to avoid masses of unnecessary data being returned.




DEFAULT = { 'BrowseNodeLookup' => [ :BrowseNodeInfo, :TopSellers ], 'CustomerContentLookup' => [ :CustomerInfo, :CustomerLists ], 'CustomerContentSearch' => :CustomerInfo, 'Help' => :Help, 'ItemLookup' => :Large, 'ItemSearch' => :Large, 'ListLookup' => [ :ListInfo, :Small ], 'ListSearch' => :ListInfo, 'SellerListingLookup' => :SellerListing, 'SellerListingSearch' => :SellerListing, 'SellerLookup' => :Seller, 'SimilarityLookup' => :Large, 'TagLookup' => [ :Tags, :TagsSummary ], 'TransactionLookup' => :TransactionDetails, 'VehiclePartLookup' => :VehiclePartFit, 'VehiclePartSearch' => :VehicleParts, 'VehicleSearch' => :VehicleMakes   The default type of response group to use with each type of operation.

Public Class methods

Define a set of one or more response groups to be applied to items retrieved by an AWS operation.


 rg = 'Medium', 'Offers', 'Reviews' )


# File lib/amazon/aws.rb, line 1391
      def initialize(*rg)
        @list = rg.join( ',' )