Class Amazon::AWS::VehicleSearch
In: lib/amazon/aws.rb
Parent: Operation

Search for vehicles.



Public Class methods

Search for vehicles, based on one or more of the following parameters: Year, MakeId, ModelId and TrimId.

This method is best used iteratively. For example, first search on year with a response group of VehicleMakes to return all makes for that year.

Next, search on year and make with a response group of VehicleModels to find all models for that year and make.

Then, search on year, make and model with a response group of VehicleTrims to find all trim packages for that year, make and model.

Finally, if required, search on year, make, model and trim package with a response group of VehicleOptions to find all vehicle options for that year, make, model and trim package.


 vs = { 'Year' => 2008,
                           'MakeId' => 20,
                           'ModelId' => 6039,
                           'TrimId' => 20 } )

In this example, we search for 2008 Audi R8 vehicles with a Base trim package. Used with the VehicleOptions response group, a list of vehicle options would be returned.


# File lib/amazon/aws.rb, line 1349
      def initialize(parameters={})