Module Finance::Quote::AEX
In: lib/finance/quote/aex.rb

Obtain quotes from Amsterdam Euronext eXchange (AEX)

 require 'finance/quote'
 require 'finance/quote/aex'

 q =
 qd = q.fetch( 'aex', 'phi' )
 qd = q.fetch( 'dutch', 'phi' )  # alternative form

This module fetches information from the Amsterdam Euronext eXchange (AEX). All Dutch stocks and indices are available.

The following labels may be returned by this module:

name, last, price (same as last), date, p_change, bid, ask, offer (same as ask), open, high, low, close, volume, currency, method, exchange, time, success, error_msg




AEX_URL = ''   URL from where to obtain information.
LABELS = [ :last, :time, :volume, :bid, :ask, :high, :low, :open, :close, :p_change ]

Public Instance methods

This method takes an Array of Strings or a variable-length list of Strings, each of which should be a stock ticker symbol for which to retrieve information.