Module Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia
In: lib/finance/quote/yahoo/asia.rb

Fetch quotes from Yahoo Asia.

 require 'finance/quote'

 q =
 qd = q.fetch( 'asia', 'CREA.SI' )
 qd = q.fetch( 'yahoo_asia', 'CREA.SI' )  # alternative form

This module fetches information from Yahoo Asia. Symbols should be provided in the format SYMBOL.EXCHANGE, where the exchange code is one of the following:

 SI - Singapore
 BO - Bombay
 JK - Jakarta
 HK - Hong Kong
 NS - India
 KS - Korea
 KL - Kuala Lumpur
 NZ - New Zealand
 SS - Shanghai
 SZ - Shenzhen
 TW - Taiwan
 TH - Thailand

Stocks are returned in the currency of the local exchange. You can set the @currency attribute of your Finance::Quote object to change the currency in which information is returned.

Information obtained by this module may be covered by Yahoo‘s terms and conditions. See for more details.



YAHOO_ASIA_URL = ''   URL from where to obtain information.

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